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Leicester Landscaping Services

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TGR Landscaping

This page encompasses just a handful of our services. We can tailor any project to what you require and to fit your budget. Contact us anytime for free advise or a quotation. 

turf artificial turf

We carry out both domestic and commercial turf installation: from clearing the site and prepping the area to supplying top quality turf and laying the same. We are also happy to advise on how to give your turf the best start and maintain it!

With low maintenance to maintenance free gardens becoming more popular so has artificial turf. We offer many different types of artificial turf so what ever your budget and personal tastes, we can advise and guide you through your next project. 


All our decking systems use premium materials to maximise to life of your decking and to enhance the finished product. Whether you want a simple area for relaxing; a practical maintenance free garden or an integrated hot tub system - we can design and install just what you want.

garden rooms

Becoming increasingly popular in recent years, homeowners are utilising space with creative designs of garden rooms and summer houses which have no end of applications from offices and studios to accommodations and gyms.

Also if done right, no planning permission is needed however we can advise on this when quoting.

These structures are often far faster and cheaper to build than traditional building methods. 

paving 3.jpg

Perfect for entertaining, BBQ's or just to finish off a beautiful home we pride ourselves on our Patio's! A patio can enhance a property greatly, not just from an aesthetic stand point but from a functionality point too. Why not have our design team come take a look at the area you want to improve, and see how we could not only give you the patio you want, but one that compliments your property seamlessly.

block paving

At TGR landscapes we offer a full block paving service installed by a skilled experience work force. We aim to create a superior foundation for beneath your pavers allowing the best longevity of your paving and with a range of premium pavers you can be thrilled with a high quality finished product that lasts years. 

fencing 3.jpg

We carry out all types of fencing at TGR landscaping, concrete, wooden post and panels, post and rail etc. From brand new, to fence repairs you can rely on us.

mature trees

Mature Tree Planting

At TGR landscapes we are mature tree planting specialists, with built in irrigation systems and sub ground or above ground supports, we ensure that your trees have the very best chance of taking to their new environment. So if you are perhaps contemplating some instant privacy hedging or some Mature Trees we can provide you with a comprehensive quote for sourcing, planting and maintaining such projects.  

This can be done on a commercial, domestic or agricultural level.

With larger planting schemes we work along side The Woodland Trust to obtain tree grants reducing the cost for you the customers.

lawn cutting

Commercial and Domestic Maintenance

Commercial and domestic landscaping maintenance services are an essential aspect of keeping outdoor spaces looking their best. These services include regular lawn care, garden maintenance, tree trimming, and other tasks that help to keep properties looking neat, tidy and well-maintained. For commercial properties, regular landscaping maintenance is essential for creating a positive impression on clients and customers, while for domestic properties it can help to increase the value and enjoyment of the property. A good landscaping maintenance service should be able to customize their services to meet the specific needs of their clients, whether it's a large commercial property or a small residential garden. With the right maintenance, outdoor spaces can be transformed into beautiful, inviting areas that are a pleasure to spend time in.

Resin-bound aggregate surfacing is a popular and innovative method of creating decorative and durable outdoor surfaces. It involves combining natural aggregates with a clear resin binder to produce a hard-wearing, permeable, and visually appealing finish.

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